The Real Estate Roundtable of San Francisco was founded and is moderated by Mark Skolnick, who conceived the idea that top tier real estate agents practicing in San Francisco should meet regularly to share ideas, knowledge, insights and experiences.  By doing so, they would grow personally and professionally.  The members are invited to join based on their proven performance, reputation, and commitment to continual learning, but not by company affiliation.  The members meet monthly to discuss the most important issues affecting real estate in The City by the Bay.  For 25 years the result is that the members improve their knowledgebase, which translates into better service to their clients.

Meet the Members

Mark Skolnick

Tim Brown

Ian Berke

Mary Lou Castellanos

James Nunemcher

Andrew Herrera

David Parry

Wendy Storch

Pete Brannigan

Tanya Dzhibrailova

Erin Thompson

Mary Macpherson

Greg Fulford

Jason Hoffman

Meagan Levitan

Mike Minson

David Cohen